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Business Advice
Business Advice
We do more than help grow your businesses.
We donate most of our profit to the needy.
Business Structure
Business Structure

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We ask a lot of questions about family and history to see what opportunities are available to reduce...
We think outside the square and solve problems
We will help you commercialise a new invention if we believe it will be accepted in the market place...
We visit your business premises to get a better feel for what you do.
Working closely with a tax agent we often help you to redo old tax returns where the previous accoun...
We will help you to find a business that suits your skill set and help to negotiate a realistic pric...

Latest blogs

All about Trust
January 16, 2018
Introduction   Many people prefer not to think about what will happen on their death but none of us are immortal. Failure to make proper plans can mean...
49 Questions to Ask When Buying a Business
January 16, 2018
What’s the history of the business? Why is the business for sale? How long has the business been operating under the current owner? Request a copy
Nice to meet you !
January 13, 2018
Calm down, bro.

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